The Process

Step 1 – Your Story

Creating a customized memorial begins with you sharing stories about yourself or your loved one and your relationship with the natural world. What settings (the ocean, the woods, the garden, the bird blind) and what creatures (deer, game birds, fish, flowers and trees) brought you the most joy? Where is the memorial item going to be placed?

We then recommend a memorial item or items that will most directly allow you or your loved one to return to these places and creatures. Each memorial items is uniquely created to best represent your life.

Step 2 – Intake of the ashes

If you have selected a memorial item for a loved one who has passed away and been cremated, we will work with you to help you safely mail your loved one's ashes to me.  The amount of ashes will depend on the memorial item that will be created.  Each product has a maximum amount of ashes that can be incorporated safely for the wildlife or plants.

If you have designed your unique memorial item for yourself, you will receive a certificate that will allow your loved one's to fulfill your wishes when that time comes.  In the meantime, go out and create more memories knowing that you have chosen a unique and complete way to return to nature.

Step 3 – Tracking

All cremains need to be shipped by the USPS.  I will be in contact with you throughout the process. This will allow you to track the package from your home, throughout the memorial creation process, and until the completed memorial item is returned to you.

Step 4 – Creation of the Memorial

We will notify you when we receive the container containing your loved ones ashes. We will then incorporate them with the appropriate grains, seeds, fish feed, or plant nutrients to create the custom memorial item that was chosen and keep you informed throughout the process.

Step 5 – Returning to Nature

When you receive the completed memorial item, you decide when and where to place it out in nature, but we will provide you with general suggestions and guidance. Rejoice knowing that you have chose a respectful and meaningful way of honoring a life well lived and returned to nature.