Frequently Asked Questions


What are the wildife mixes made from?

The mixes are made from high quality feed grade grains, seeds, dehydrated molasses, cane molasses, vitamins, and minerals.


What are the ingredients in the Nature Lovers (plant nutrient based) memorial items?

The base is a balanced organic fertilizer with a nitrogen based binder.  The mix can be customized upon request.


How long will the blocks or other memorial items last in nature?

This depends on many different factors including the memorial item chosen, the placement, weather, season of the year, and plant and animal species present. Some may be gone after only a few days, others may last several weeks or more.


What is the advantage of pre paying for a memorial item?

Pre payment for a memorial item gives you peace of mind knowing you have been actively involved in how you would like to return to nature. It also protects you from any future price increases. Funds are secured in an escrow account. If you change your mind at anytime, funds will be returned to you.


What type of systems are used to maintain chain of custody of memorial items?

I will work with each family individually to keep them informed in each stem of creating a memorial from the time an order is placed, through the time you receive the competed memorial.  We will be in touch with you at important steps, such as receiving your loved one's ashes, creating the memorial, and returning the finished memorial item.  This is a collaboratively process and you are also welcome to contact us at anytime.


What type of plaques and other items are available to further customize a memorial item?

We work with several suppliers who provide many options of metal and stone plaques. Don’t hesitate to contact us to further customize your memorial item.  There are many options available and we are happy to work with you to design new and unique memorial items.