Customized Memorials to a Natural Life

Remember the peace, satisfaction and joy that your days in nature brought you? It may have been watching the sunrise in a deer stand, the sound of the first cast of the day, plunging your hands into freshly turned garden soil, or adding a new species to your life list. You gave to nature and nature gave back to you. Now you have the option of returning to nature one last time to complete the circle.

Return to Nature memorials incorporate cremated ashes into an item that will allow you to return to the natural world through the animals and plants that mean so much to you. The memorial items are made by combining cremains (ashes) with animal, fish, or plant food mixes.  The mix is pressed into a variety of forms using a patent pending process.  The resulting memorial item can be returned to forest, fields, and aquatic habitats where they will attract deer, birds, fish, and wildlife.    Each memorial item is hand made to represent you or your loved ones life and interests.

It is a customized memorial to a life well lived.

In what way do you most enjoy nature?